The success story of Phnom Penh Taxis started over 14 years old when our co-founder decided to run his own business. After serving in community work for almost a decade, the idea to provide the best private transportation service in Cambodia were put into practice. It started from one car to two cars one driver to two drivers, and now we have at least 10 drivers, and 10 cars ready to serve our customers.

While we are growing, the range of service also grows. We provide pick up at the airports, we transport our customers to the next destination such as hotels, resorts, or any accommodation across Cambodia. With our customers, we have been to every corner of Cambodia and experience things together.

The ultimate experience for our customer is one reason for our existence but to introduce Cambodia, it’s a way of life, culture and values to foreigners are our subtext mission. We are glad that we not only provide the best service but also close the gap between foreigners and Cambodian culture.

Our vision: to become the change agent in closing the cultural gap and understanding between foreign visitors and Cambodia via the private transportation service provider.

Our Mission: to be the leading service provider in the field of private transportation where satisfactory cost meets ultimate experience.