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The Kingdom Of Cambodia

Cambodia, a country in Southeast Asia in the southern part of Indochina, covers an area of 181,035 square kilometers and has a population of 16.01  million (2017). The country’s shape is an almost-square polygon with Kompong Thom province as its central point. The country extends 440 kilometers from north to south and 560 kilometers from west to east.

The shape makes Cambodia easy for tourists to navigate and poses no difficulties for the development of tourism.

Among the 10 member countries of the Association of South-east Asian Nations, Cambodia ranks eighth in land size and seventh in population. Its geographical location makes Cambodian an easily accessible ecotourism destination for travelers in neighboring countries and other parts of the world.

The country is situated geographically between the 10th and 15th parallels north latitude and the 102nd and 108th parallels east latitude. The country has a tropical climate-warm and humid. In the monsoon season, abundant rain allows for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops. This year-round tropical climate makes Cambodia ideal for developing tourism.

Travelers need not fear natural disasters such as erupting volcanoes or earthquakes, and the country is not directly affected by tropical storms.

Our Most Popular Tours

Royal Palace and silver pagoda

Phnom Penh Three Days Tour

After your arrival at phnom Penh international airport you will be welcomed by driver will bring you to your hotel that you have been booked

Battombang statue

Phnom Penh To Battombang

Hello dear value customer, for a private taxi transfer from Phnom Penh to Battombang, on the way you are able to see such as: Silversmith at Kompong Loung village, Udong Hill old Royal palace and drop off at hotel. Offering cool vehicles with professional drivers and flexible

Taprohm ancient temple

Phnom Penh To Siem Reap

Today you will pick up from Phnom Penh airport or any hotels in the city for traveling to Siem Reap, on the way you can see Spider market at Skunk in Kompong Charm, Sambo Prey Kuk temple in Kompong Thom, Kompong Khleang floating village in Tonle Sap lake, Kompong Kdei ancient bridge. Offering clean vehicles with English Speaking drivers and safe for your trip.


Phnom Tamao And Ta Prohm Temple

Hello Dear customer, Phnom Penh Taxis is happy to be your driver for sightseeing tour such as Phnom Tamao wildlife rescue centre

Chisor temple

Phnom Chisor + Killing Fiels Tour

After breakfast at 8:30 am you will visit Phnom Chiso it has distance approximately sixty-five km from the Phnom Penh city

Bayon anceint temple

5 Days Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

Welcome to Phnom Penh Taxis we offer all services for your trip with a warming and friendly driver, flexible and safe for your

Putkiri pagoda Cambodia

Phnom Penh Transfer to Kampot and Kep

Welcome to Phnom Penh Taxis we offer all services for your trip with a warming and friendly driver, flexible and safe for your